What are the 5 taboos you're driving?

❂ one avoid lines don't make a turn

Some drivers have a subjective view that the rear car is far away from the car, so it doesn't turn on the light.However, it is easy to misjudge the driver behind the rear, causing the accident to be caused by the collision or rear-end collision.This is the most common bad habit in driving, which is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents

❂ 2 Has used the high beam ❂ 2 avoid 

Some drivers for the light of the car, specially modified the headlights, thinking that their own lights are bright enough, but they are not themselves, so driving is used to use the floodlight, when the car is not changed.Imagine if everyone is such idea, that is bound to cause light pollution, not only that, each other not transform lights, easy to cause the opposite vehicle driver blinded instantly, cause an accident, keep the civilized journey, benefit.

❂ 3 avoid slide downhill gap

Some of the drivers are saving oil, and then the gearbox is going to slide on the lower slope.

Downhill slide, easy to make the steering failure, especially the steering wheel, easier to make the steering system out of control, resulting in traffic accidents.

❂ 4 avoid long stamped on the clutch

Some of the drivers are not picking up gear in order to reduce their movements.

Some drivers, in frequent shifts, also have time to run on the clutch.This kind of habit can easily lead to overheat burning of the clutch, damage to the clutch, the damage of the crankshaft thrust plate and the damage of the drive axle gear.I believe that you will not want to suffer such a "disaster" of your own car, so it is important to develop a good driving habit.

❂5 avoid is turned to "tao".

The action of "tao" is one of the very wrong action, the action of "tao" although effort, but car bumps or emergency, it is easy to injure the driver's wrist, and this action will make the back wheel speed is slow, if the direction is not back in time are also prone to traffic accidents.

The other is that this action is in the car after the tail, the hand because there is no telescopic space, once the recovery, the hand must be injured.