What are the places where the truck needs to be checked in winter?

First, it is the oil of the car inspection, mainly four, oil, transmission oil, coolant (also called antifreeze liquid), glass water.

One of us, first of all, is engine oil. We must remember the label of oil and the date of replacement. If it is not suitable for the winter, we should replace it quickly.This requires us to remember the label on the oil, such as "15w-40, 5w-40". What does that mean?This 5W and 15W represent the minimum temperature for adaptation. The smaller the number in front of this W indicates that the stronger the ability to adapt to low temperature, the better the oil flow.


So, to give you a few standards, the 5W label can withstand cold -30 degrees Celsius, 10W can tolerate cold -25 degrees Celsius, 15W can withstand cold -20 degrees Celsius, 20W can tolerate cold -15 degrees Celsius.

If you want to drive to northeast heilongjiang, urumqi and Tibet in the winter, it's better to switch to a 5W label.If you just drive to Beijing, you can change it to 15W or 10W.

The other is the transmission oil, generally our new car does not need to change, if it is the car to drive four years or 60 thousand kilometers, should change once, as far as possible choose the four seasons oil, just can.


And cooling fluid, also known as antifreeze, main is to check, we the freezing point of antifreeze to local minimum temperature for choice, generally lower than the local minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, is ok.If you don't know what the freezing point is, you can check it at the garage.

Don't have a lot of antifreeze if required, be about to change in time, this time will try to put the original clean, then add a new, don't put the antifreeze liquid mixed together with different brand, more do not mix different freezing point of antifreeze.

Finish the oil check and we'll see if the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.It is mainly oil filter element, air filter core and air conditioning filter element.

The oil filter of oil is not to say, usually just change the oil, need to change the machine once.

And the air filter should see the actual situation, if the dust is very much, had better replace.

Air-conditioning filter is easy to dirty place, because of summer and autumn is more use of air conditioning, air-conditioning filter contaminated, blown out air conditioning is faulty, not only have a lot of bacteria, it is better to change.

Third, we should check our car battery, because in winter, the weather was cold, the performance of the battery will be decreased, the storage capacity of the battery will decline, if the battery has a problem, the loss of power, in the way of the cold won't catch fire, can really suffer.

Generally our battery has more than 3 years of car, the performance begins to decrement, want the key to check.

Check method is to use the multimeter on the battery of the positive and negative, measure the battery voltage is normal around 12 v, if the play is on fire, measure should be around 14 v, that if the battery voltage is lower than 12 v, is likely to be replaced.


Fourth, and most important, check our tires.

First, look at the side of the tire production date, look have full 5 years, see if the pattern of the tire is flush to the grooves of the tyre wear mark, if any one can meet the family, all need to change a tire.