How to troubleshooting the steering wheel

1. The traffic in the vehicle was numb

Vehicles with medium speed above speed, the chassis has periodic noise, serious when cabin and door shivering, strong vibration wheel, until the hand pins and needles, this is because the direction of transmission device of dynamic balance are destroyed, and the spline shaft and the spline set of wear and tear caused by excessive.


2.It's hard to turn

Causes each part of the steering system of the rolling bearing and sliding bearing with tight, poor lubrication bearing, steering longitudinal rod, tie rod ball head too hard, or lack of oil, steering booster pump leak oil shortage, the steering shaft and casing bend, causing binding;

Improper adjustment of front wheel beam;

Bending deformation of front car or frame;

Tire pressure, especially the front tire.


3.The steering wheel is hard to control

When driving or braking, the vehicle direction is automatically tilted to the side of the road.

In order to ensure a straight line, the steering wheel must be held in force, causing the deviation of the vehicle's deviation: the front wheel specification or air pressure of the two sides are not consistent;

The inclination of the front wheel and the Angle of the wheel are not equal.

The front wheel on both sides is not consistent with the bearing clearance;

The spring or spring of the steel plate on either side is inconsistent;

The left and right wheelbase is too wide;

The brake clearance of the wheel is too small or the brake drum is out of the circle, causing a brake on one side of the brake, causing the brake to lag and the loading of the vehicle unevenly.


4. Unstable direction

Caused by driving in the front wheel head, when the vehicle reaches a speed of high speed, the reasons for the steering wheel or shivering shimmy are: shim tire dynamic balance is destroyed or tire repair front wheel assembly, drive shaft assembly parts loose, drive shaft assembly of dynamic balance was damaged, shock absorber, leaf spring stiffness, steering system parts wear loose, improper front wheel alignment.