When driving on a rainy day, what do you do with the window glass and the rearview mirror?

Auto rearview mirror effect how, needless to say, you know, but on a rainy day is a big test for the driver, while on the road slow down, but also there are some environment caused by the risk factors, such as water will be attached to the rear view mirror and side window glass, lead to the line of sight fuzzy couldn't see, lead to the probability of occurrence of traffic accidents.


When the driver sees the rear view mirror on a rainy day, the eye needs to pass through the side window, the rain on the side window, and the rain on the rearview mirror.It is impossible to see the object in the rearview mirror because of the multilayer barrier.

In case of the above situation, the general owner will consider the use of the rear view mirror heating function.The rearview mirror heating function does not have a single button, it shares the same switch with the rear window defrost.


Even though the rearview mirror was used to heat the water from the rearview mirror, the side window still had rain on it, and it was still unclear from the car.

If glass is used with water marks, the glass will be clear, but it will be able to see through the glass.However, the persistence of this method is not good, and soon the view of the side window will be "hit back".

Actually for a rainy day rear view mirror and side window glass wet by rain lead to blurred vision, it is not difficult to solve, what in addition to the mist on the market, the car comes all the features of the heating mist nothing much effect, but also to spend money.


The most simple way is to use soap, directly into the glass a wipe, and then take a cloth wipe up, do not form water drops on the processed glass, rain hit the glass immediately react with soap, enclosed in the form of water film on the glass, playing in the water on the glass, the more the greater the water film formation, the glass is always keep good clarity.

The above method can keep a clear view for a while, but if the rain is too heavy, the duration will not be so long.For side window, also can use this way, the effect is certainly there, but will not the rearview mirror, as after all the rain has been washed, the effect will not be so persistent.