Why don't you turn on the air conditioner in the winter, and the car is more expensive than the summer?

Is the summer air conditioning oil?

For small cars, the effect of summer air conditioning on power is obvious, basically opening "AC", the car power is insufficient, want to overtake, must turn off "AC".But it's just that the load on the engine is a little bit heavier, like a person sitting in a car, and it's a lot less fuel than the no-load fuel.


It costs oil to turn on the air conditioner in winter.

The first thing to say is that the warm wind in winter doesn't load the engine itself, so you can't open the warm air and have no effect on fuel consumption.

So why is it expensive in the winter?

This is because, in the winter, the car system must ensure a certain temperature to function properly.Like the temperature of the oil.

Although most cars don't have an engine oil thermometer, they actually have their own best operating temperature.

This is also the reason why we should choose the oil that corresponds to the local temperature when we are adding oil.


In winter, the oil is generally sticky, resulting in insufficient lubrication and high power loss.

Therefore, in the northern region, it is necessary to do a maintenance before the winter, to change the oil in winter, so as to effectively reduce the fuel consumption in winter.

In addition, the thermal efficiency and reduces the winter, is the power of the engine by burning swelling compression release produced by the four stroke cycle work, when the ambient temperature is too low, the engine will have to increase the speed to maintain thermal efficiency.

So you'll find in winter that engine idling is much higher than in summer.