X3000 comfort level upgrade again, from now on transportation easy go!

The X3000 product comfort level major upgrade: the overall switch of the graber chair, the further pursuit is high and comfortable, the comfortable luxurious configuration that many card friends call a thousand calls to be able to finally want to close contact with you.Are you looking forward to it?

So, how does the gramery chair greatly improve comfort?Here's a look.


1. Adjustable head pillow 4:

Headrest can be adjusted up and down, before and after adjustment.

2. Integrated three-point safety belt:

Pull the lock plate out, insert corresponding lock, easy and convenient.

3. Adjustable back and back:

The trigger handle can be adjusted according to the driver's habit.

4. Air back waist to:

Press the handle and the waist can be inflated or put into the best comfortable position according to the driver's habit.

5. Seat quick health:

Pull up the handle, the seat can be quickly lowered to the lowest position, once again down the lever handle, the quick drop function is relieved, the adjustment is in a flash.

6. Adjustable seat height:

Pull the handle up or down, the seat can be adjusted up or down depending on the driver's habit. Whether you belong to the long legs orba doesn't matter!

7. Adjustable damping:

The trigger handle can adjust the damping to your comfortable position according to the condition of the road and the driver's habit.

8. Adjustable seat padding:

Pull the lever up, the cushion tilting up or down to adjust downwards.

9. Adjustable seat level:

Move the handle up, the seat can move forward or backward to the need position, release the handle to lock the position, not slippery, it is there!

10. Seat depth adjustable:

Press the handle up and the cushion can move outward or inward, which is the pursuit of perfection.


It is understood that the upgrade of this seat will not only allow you to enjoy the comfort of plain German, but also make your trip more secure and more secure.