SHACMAN L3000 wait for you


Not only does SHACMAN maintain the advantages of dumper trucks,but also enhances the tractor, cargo-based road logistics market. Therefore,SHACMAN accurately grasped customers' needs and developed L3000 truck successfully for sub-market such as green,agricultural,sidelineproducts,Lingdan,express logistics, livestock logistics and cold chain logistics. 



From the appearance, L3000 cab inherites the X3000 style, retaining a lot of heavy truck design elements.Compared with the European style, L3000 has a high degree recognition.



Stylish & dazzling dimensional combination of headlights and integrated LED daytime running lights make the vehicleis easy to be identified and enhance the headlight aesthetics. The whole car uses LED light source which is energy saving and beautiful and highlight the super craft design.



The designment of L3000 chassis is based on generalized using. equipped with WP6 engine and Yuchai YC4EG engine,FAST 6DS70TA-D/ 8JS85T, Miles Yang ZFWLY6G70 gearbox and HANDE rear axles with 3.364 ratio and Zoomlion front axles with 4.875 ratio.The whole system adopts 4.8T disc brake front axle,with front axle hub bearings and long maintenance of 500,000km.



With high efficiency power transmission system, high performance cooling system and streamlined low wind resistance shape, L3000 designed the multi-power fuel-efficient switch,which can be used in the no-load and heavy load alternating use, so that fuel consumption of 100 km reduced to 16.1L.



In the security aspects,L3000 cab designed with keel structure, in the leading level,which can meet the front pendulum hammer collision, A pillar strike,top crushand European ECE-R29 collision regulations.



In the interior, 645mm sleeper, large multi-media display, four steering wheel designment, car shifthandle, knob air conditioning switch, modular gated switch and rocker switch key arrangement are rich in user-friendly designment.Simple and convenient operation,the third seat channel-style design and the middle seat can be turned down to place cups, debris and so on.


It is believed that  L3000 not only enriches the SHACMAN truck models, but also will further enhance market competitiveness, and highlight value of heavy trucks in China.