Sino Pakistani Economic Corridor Project Exchange Exhibition

From July 12th to July 13th, Sino Pakistani Economic Corridor Project Exchange Exhibition was held in the Pakistan capital of Islamabad. This exhibition is the most influential exhibition for machinery and logistics equipment in Pakistan, attracting engineering machinery equipment providers and logistics carriers from all over the world.


Pakistan is located in Western Asia, west of the Mediterranean, at the junction between Asia, Africa and Europe and was an important trading hub for the ancient Silk Road. Now Pakistan, with the help of new development opportunities from China’s “One Belt and Road” initiative allowed the construction of the “Sino Pakistani Economic Corridor”. The corridor has been a driving force behind a large number of infrastructure projects, such as energy, electricity, roads and railways while also allowing in-depth cooperation between trade, logistics, education and other aspects with China.


As a world class heavy truck manufacturer, SHACMAN has tightly grasped the opportunities presented in Pakistan, researching and developing a M3000 product fitting for the local customers. The M3000 trailer truck is suitable for standard and compound loading requirements while the M3000 dump truck takes advantages of local road conditions and is suitable for urban construction and the M3000 enhanced dump truck is perfect for heavy loading work such as ore, rocks, steel, etc.


Shaanxi Pakistan office carefully decorated the exhibition booth to maximize promotion of SHACMAN products. The SHACMAN booth attracted the local major construction companies, engineering companies, logistics companies, industry media and other visitors. During the exhibition, Qamar Javaid Bajwa, chief of staff of the Pakistan army, stopped at the SHACMAN booth to converse with SHACMAN sales office, getting a thorough understanding of SHACMAN vehicle configuration.


A customer from Karachi spoke about his experience after learning about SHACMAN products:  “I’m in the Karachi port transportation business. I first learned about the SHACMAN brand here at the  Sino Pakistani Economic Corridor Project Exchange Exhibition, after experiencing SHAMCAN M3000 truck’s vehicle design, fuel efficiency and cost performance, I have decided to buy 10 vehicles to bolster my company’s logistic fleet.”