Cambodia Lancang Mekong River National Economic Technology Expo

The second Lancang Mekong River National Economic Technology Expo was held in Kampuchea Phnom Penh Diamond Island Convention Center between July 13th and 16th. As a leading enterprise in Shaanxi Province, SHACMAN’s M3000 dump truck was proudly displayed during this exhibition, marking the first time the M3000 series having entered into the Cambodian market.


Since the first Lancang Mekong River National Economic Technology Expo in 2015, six countries, including China, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand, carried out in-depth negotiations in the Lancang Mekong Basin which lead to extensive economic cooperation and trade exchanges. At the same time, countries along the Mekong are seen as important markets in the “One Belt One Road "policy which saw increasing foreign investments in recent years, especially in infrastructure constructions. These recent advancements dramatically increased the country’s need for heavy duty trucks.


SHACMAN, with reliable quality equipment, professional and timely customer service, has made great contribution to the construction of cities in Cambodia. SHCMAN trucks have been used by many Chinese companies with projects in the area and have received many praises from the customers.


During the exhibition, SHACMAN’s carefully arranged booth attracted major construction companies, local engineering companies, logistics companies, media and other industries. In particular, through in-depth investigation of the Cambodia market, mining for customer demand, SHACMAN was able to develop a M3000 dump truck product for this particular market. The vehicle models can be used for city construction, sand and ore transport. The vehicles received approval from local customers.


This exhibition has increased the SHACMAN brand awareness in the local market. SHACMAN will take the opportunity to act quickly in Cambodian logistics and transport, infrastructure construction and other market, allowing SHACMAN to become the leader of logistics, transportation and engineering infrastructure in Kampuchea in 2017.