[Beach Raid] The First SHACMAN H3000 Heavy Truck In The Middle East Was Successfully Offline

  Recently, in the production workshop of M company in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, the first batch of 20 SHACMAN H3000 vehicles in the Middle East rolled off the production line smoothly. M company executives, end users and staff of the Saudi office of shaanxi automobile co., ltd. attended the ceremony.


  This H3000 model successfully rolled off the production line, which is the first landing in the Middle East region after shaanxi automobile's product upgrading. Before that, the king pin of the region's F series products, with a military quality, good cross-country performance, strong carrying capacity and high attendance, for the customer to create a another excellent grades, acquired a reputation as a local government and industry, as well as SHACMAN won a good reputation in the Middle East, is China's heavy card become the preferred brand.


  The batch H3000 models, based on past F series products of excellent quality, adopted new narrow bridge body, and the man-machine engineering to optimize the system, comprehensively enhance the operation convenience, comfort, at the same time with the Eaton clutch, whole synchronizer gear box, handler, axle, and equipped with WABCO valve, VOSS fittings, aluminum alloy gas reservoir, and maintenance-free battery, high temperature resistant piping and rubber parts, vehicle wiring harness configuration is more compact, neat, vehicle reliability higher. The vehicles are also equipped with standard LED daytime driving lights and LED taillights, which beautify the appearance of the vehicles and guarantee the safety of users.

  Mr Abdullah is SHACMAN end user, the vehicle rolled off the production line after experienced a H3000 vehicles, he can't wait to get on the bus after the vehicle for simple operation, he puts his thumb up and says: "SHACMAN trucks in terms of use and MAN, BENZ, VOLVO, comfortable seats, steering wheel ShengJin, shift transmission light and power is strong, our future will be recommended to Saudi compatriots SHACMAN trucks."


  Offline ceremony, shan steam Saudi office will symbolize the wealth of the golden key to M company general manager Mr Osama, he said, M company already in Saudi Arabia dammam eastern region to establish a new vehicle production base, and introduced the automation heavy card production equipment, the test and the depth of the card in Saudi Arabia for the subsequent SHACMAN localization to lay a solid foundation. In the future, shaanxi automobile's localized cooperation in Saudi Arabia will reach a new height after the installation and commissioning of all equipment and facilities in the new plant and the installation of technical personnel are in place.