SHACMAN Is Rechargable With The China-pakistan Economic Corridor Project Exchange Exhibition

July 12-13, china-pakistan economic corridor project JiaoLiuZhan was held in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, the exhibition is one of the most influential Pakistan machinery, logistics, exhibition, attracted from all over the world of engineering machinery equipment suppliers and logistics fair, SHACMAN as international famous heavy card manufacturers and area project practitioners are also invited to take an active part in all the way.


Located at the border of Asia, Africa and Europe, Pakistan is located at the junction of Asia, Africa and Europe. It is an important trade center for the ancient silk road.Today's Pakistan, with the aid of "area" development opportunities in China, the construction of the "china-pakistan economic corridor", led along a number of major energy, electricity, roads, railways and other infrastructure projects, and in the trade and business, logistics, education and so on the in-depth cooperation with China, heavy trucks as important engineering and transport equipment, has become one of the important link.


SHACMAN as a world-class heavy card manufacturers, tightly grasp the development opportunities, in Pakistan market frequently, in-depth market research, mining customer needs, developed a truly satisfy customer demand Pakistan SHACMAN M3000 heavy card, the key is recommending this product.The M3000 tractor can be suitable for the logistics transportation of standard and compound commodities, mainly transporting grain, fruit, wood, home appliance and other department stores. The port version of the tractor is suitable for shipping containers.The M3000 self-discharging car can be used in the construction of the residue of the city and the transport of sand, and the reload version can transport ore, sand, coal, steel etc.By systematically introducing to customers, the advantages of economy, comfort and reliability have been recognized by customers.


SHACMAN shaanxi auto Pakistan office carefully arranges the booth, attracting the local big construction companies, engineering companies, logistics companies, industry media to visit the consultation.Conference, Pakistan's army chief Qamar Javaid stop Mr Bajwa SHACMAN booth, a cordial conversation with steam shan sales personnel, understanding SHACMAN vehicle configuration, inquired about the information such as product performance, SHACMAN heavy card showed great interest.


A customer from Karachi in details about the SHACMAN M3000 after said happily: "I'm doing in Karachi port, this time to china-pakistan economic corridor project JiaoLiuZhan, happened to see SHACMAN M3000 heavy card, its appearance design, fuel economy and price advantage is the most make me enchanted, today I want to purchase 10 to supplement my fleet."