50 SHACMAN Vehicles Delivered To Pakistan Customers


One May 25th, a vehicle delivery ceremony in Pakistan was held by SHACMAN’s Pakistan office along with local dealers. 50 brand new F2000 vehicles were delivered to SHACMAN’s customers.

The Sino Pakistani economic corridor is a major artery of communication between China and Pakistan with a total length of 4625 kilometers. The route includes China Xinjiang Urumqi - Kashi - Pakistan - kunjirap Soest - honza - Gilgit - Peshawar - Islamabad - Karachi - Gwadar Port. ZKB is one the most recognizable road constructions company in Pakistan and one of the "Pakistan Economic Corridor" KLM project construction contractor. With the development of “One belt one road” and more contracts won by SHACMAN at major projects, SHACMAN is able to quickly earn the praise of local Pakistan customers.

The 50 F2000 vehicles delivered includes tipper and trailer trucks and are equipped with Weichai WP10.340 engine, FAST 9 speed manual gearbox and Hande MAN technology 5.73 ratio single reduction axle. The tipper trucks are specialized for maximum power and loading capacity while the trailer trucks are equipped with hydraulic suspension and seats for superior comfort. In order for the customers to better utilize SHACMAN products, SHACMAN’s local office give a 360 degree comprehensive introduction of the vehicles as well as arranging services managers to train the customers in vehicle maintenance and services.

During the delivery ceremony, ZKB representative was very excited to see their brand new vehicle. He expressed that the company chose SHACMAN because of its reputation for building powerful and heavy loading vehicles which suits local work conditions.


This event laid a solid foundation for SHACMAN in the Pakistan market, as well as increasing the SHACMAN brand awareness. With the market and users warming up to SHAMCAN products, it is just a matter of time before SHACMAN will find its own place in the market.