2017 Angola Luanda International Exposition SHACMAN Shine

The 33rd luanda international exposition (FILDA) opens in the scenic Angora luanda bay on June 26 and 30.The luanda international exposition attracted more than 200 enterprises participating in the world, in addition to Angola in local companies, and Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Uruguay, Cuba, China, the United States, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and other merchants exhibition, the exhibitors covers communications, petroleum chemical industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, fire control, machinery, and many other industries.


SHACMAN products as resident luanda international exposition brand, strong in the exhibition booth of the most important, new SHACMAN of X3000 product blockbuster debut in the exhibition, exhibition is the most classic F2000 together with its products.

During the exhibition, the experience advice to clients an endless stream, the atmosphere is unusually hot, customers were for SHACMAN X3000 high level appearance, strong power and the special strength of a highly efficient and reliable, a number of large customers expressed strong purchase intention.


In this exhibition, the X3000 high-end recard is designed to match the characteristics of different transport industries, matching the best gold power assembly, the oil consumption is greatly reduced, and the customer transportation efficiency is more efficient.

As a new generation of high-end recard developed by shaanxi steam, X3000 products will be the first choice for customers in Angola with its excellent quality and considerate service.

During the exhibition, SHACMAN products also attracted a lot of local news media to report on it.

The angolan Chinese newspaper, which has the most influence in the angolan Chinese circle, made a special report on SHACMAN, which gave high praise to the development of SHACMAN products during the economic slowdown in Angola.

The angolan state TV station ANGOP has a special visit to SHACMAN products and a close-up of SHACMAN's new products.


The success of this exhibition has laid a brand foundation for the continuous development of SHACMAN products in the angolan market, and it also enables more angolan clients to have a zero-distance understanding of SHACMAN products.

Next, the company will work with partners to dig deeper and meet customer needs so that SHACMAN can shine in Angola.