Just Because You Have A Commitment -- What The User Wants, What The User Wants, To The Customer Heart Experience.


   Indonesia, located in southeast Asia, straddles the equator and is the world's largest archipelago nation and asean's largest economy. In 2016, as the market economy recovered, Chinese companies continued to enter the Indonesian market, which also brought opportunities to shaanxi automobile. Aoyama nickel industry is a famous mineral mining and processing enterprise in Indonesia. In the selection of enterprise project vehicles, SHACMAN heavy truck, with its reliable vehicle performance and excellent service system, has been selected to undertake the project. In the following two years and more, SHACMAN heavy card has met the public's expectations, and its excellent product quality and timely and efficient after-sales service have been highly praised by customers.


   In 2018, aoyama nickel plans to build a site on a remote but mineral-rich island in Indonesia. As the location is remote, the customer is worried that follow-up service cannot catch up. The Indonesia office of shaanxi automobile promised the customer in time: "where shaanxi automobile is used, the service of shaanxi automobile is achieved!" . On August 14, the first batch of vehicles of the new project arrived at the port for unloading. After understanding the needs of the customer, the office decided to arrive at the customer site in the shortest possible time. At this time, the service manager, who was dealing with customer service problems in kalimantan coal mine, received a notice from the office and asked to go to the new project site of aoyama nickel industry at the first time. After receiving the notice, the service manager returned to the office overnight to prepare for departure.


  Due to the grand of the Asian games held in Jakarta, traffic jams in the city, the service manager at 4 am on August 15 more early, on the way after the transfer, transfer, finally made it to castle peak in the morning on August 16, nickel industry headquarters base, again by customer to arrange by boat ride after four hours of turbulence, finally arrived at a new project in the island, for this kind of combined transportation patterns, land, sea and air, is accustomed service manager said.


   After arriving at the destination, the service manager discussed and planned with the fastest speed and the best training program on new car delivery, acceptance, commissioning, driver training accessories supply, etc., and conducted debugging and acceptance of the vehicle in the first time, and organized relevant training work. Shaanxi automobile service manager has been praised by customers for its fast and excellent service, which makes customers use cars more comfortable and more secure.


   The beautiful island is surrounded by neat rows of SHACMAN heavy trucks, the sky blue and the insects chirping. Shaanxi automobile service manager is located on the island around the detailed inspection and debugging of the vehicle state, handling the lifting problem, carefully training the driver to regulate the operation, full of happiness and sense of accomplishment, the happiness is derived from the fulfillment of the commitment to the customer, and this sense of accomplishment comes from running around for days and being recognized and praised by the customer. Highly concerned with the whole life cycle of the product and the whole operation process of customers, shaanxi automobile Indonesia is in urgent need of users, think what users want, promise everything, and give users the "heart" experience.