Led SHACMAN Russia Ctt-2018 Exhibition, A Leading Indicator Of Heavy Truck, To Be Successfully Held

What is the most fascinating thing about Russia this summer? In addition to the World Cup, of course, the annual event of heavy trucks and engineering machinery CTT exhibition. In June the Moscow grass orioles fly, green trees shade, the air is cool. This summer, the ctt-2018 show officially opened at the crocus-expo center in Moscow, Russia. On this occasion, SHACMAN and X3000 CNG tractor make a grand appearance.1.jpg

SHACMAN X3000 CNG tractor, X3000 tractor and F3000 dump truck product all appeared in this exhibition, the appearance of gas tractor is detonated atmosphere, the exhibition attracted the attention of many participants. The scene of the customers and guests all was full of praise for below photo with the car, a lot of clients with gusto got into the cab personally feel X3000 cab comfort, luxury interior also have the experience with admiration, the show lively atmosphere, customers have to come to consult.2.jpg

From Russia, Ukraine, belarus, five central Asian countries, azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Europe and other countries customers are showing interest in for SHACMAN products, has many local media scramble to cover more. The xcn3000 g tractor is equipped with the weichai 380 horsepower engine. Fast 12 transmission; MAN bridge with 13 tons of hand; Air suspension; The 200L*6 cylinder, 480 km of ultra long battery life, made the gas car the focus of the exhibition. Fashionable and elegant body, high-end configuration, high cost performance, all fully fit the customers' ideal heavy card demand. The client visits the layout of exhibition car engine, chassis and wiring harness more closely, and is amazed at the superb technology of SHACMAN.3.jpg

Tian chao, general manager of shaanxi automobile import and export co., LTD., attended the meeting with Russian distributors and important customers of shaanxi automobile co., LTD.4.jpg

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SHACMAN's successful participation in the Russian ctt-2018 exhibition marks a new step in the promotion of SHACMAN in the Russian and commonwealth of independent states. SHACMAN's brand influence in the local market has also been further enhanced. In the future, SHACMAN will make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, expand the international market and create a new chapter of sales.