Malaysia Vehicle Delivery Ceremony


August 1st, SHACMAN along with Malaysian dealers held an X3000 vehicle delivery ceremony in the beautiful city of Oasis Subang. Over 100 personnel from local dealers, news media and end users attended this event. 


PL is one of the largest logistics company in the region, focusing mainly on port and highway transportation. The company currently employs 10 SHACMAN vehicles. After using the vehicles for the past two years, the company praises the vehicle’s power, comfort and efficiency. This new order of the X3000 series is a further testament of the company’s trust and reliance on the SHACMAN brand.

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During the vehicle delivery ceremony, the customers were very happy to receive their brand new trucks. They also shared their positive experiences using SHACMAN vehicles in the past few years to those present at the event. In order for local customers to get to know the X3000 series better, SHACMAN conducted a 360°vehicle introduction. After being introduced to the many advantages and positive aspects of the vehicle, many local dealer expressed their interest in purchasing the vehicles in the future.


This event brought new life to SHACMAN as a whole in the Malaysia market, leaving deep impressions in local customers and increasing brand awareness. This event has laid a solid foundation of SHACMAN products in the local market. SHACMAN believes that along with the new economic growth in the region, SHACMAN will write a new chapter in Malaysia.