SHACMAN Is A Regale Of The Mekong River National Economic And Technological Exposition

On July 13-16, the second lancang-mekong river national economic and technological exposition was held at the diamond island exhibition center in phnom penh, Cambodia.As a company in shaanxi province, shaanxi automobile and SHACMAN M3000 self-unloading car made its appearance at the expo, which is also the first time that SHACMAN M3000 dump truck has been registered in the Cambodian market.


Lancang - Mekong river cooperation since 2015, foreign minister meeting for the first time since the rings mae basin, including China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, myanmar and Thailand, the six countries carried out in-depth and extensive economic cooperation and trade exchanges.At the same time, along the Mekong river countries as "One Belt And One Road" project of the important market, attracted a lot of foreign investment in recent years, in the field of urban infrastructure, heavy card products and technical services have huge demand.


Shan steam with reliable quality equipment, professional and timely after-sales service, in Cambodia has contributed to the urban construction, SHACMAN vehicle service union, also add China group, conch cement, China road and bridge, guangdong to build overseas projects of large enterprises, such as outstanding performance in the project, won the user's consistent high praise.


During the exhibition, shaanxi steam carefully arranged the booth, attracting the local construction companies, engineering companies, logistics companies and industry media to visit and consult.Especially through the in-depth research of Cambodia market, mining the customer demand, the development of M3000 dump truck, and can be used for transportation, urban construction waste residue and sand stone of overloaded version of the dump truck to transport ore, sandstone, coal, steel, etc.During the exhibition, the sales staff of shaanxi automobile introduced the advantages of economy, comfort, reliability and other advantages to the customers, and got strong recognition from customers.


This exhibition has promoted the influence of SHACMAN brand in Cambodia.Shaanxi automobile will take this opportunity to move quickly in the areas of logistics transportation, construction infrastructure and Chinese construction in Cambodia, making SHACMAN the outstanding leader in logistics transportation and construction infrastructure in Cambodia in 2017!