SHACMAN 2017 New M3000 Come Into The Market

On the evening of July 17, 2017, shaanxi steam-heavy card held the launch event of the new M3000 2017 product launch, which officially kicked off the annual meeting.2017 shan steam M3000 release, new M3000 2017 product in response to the coal transportation, ports, transportation, demand for transportation market segment, from the appearance design, cabin comfort, dynamic performance and chassis quality comprehensive upgrade.This product is featured with "economic application card", which will be full force traction, loading and unloading, etc.


Delong  new M3000 2017 tractor from appearance, driving performance and dynamic performance, the respect such as chassis quality comprehensive upgrade, realize the lightweight, reliability, economy, comfort and intelligent five performance improvement, has been a sharp increase in product competitiveness, similar products in the largest horsepower, can reach more than 430 horsepower, further improve the transportation efficiency, cab USES four airbags suspension + double transverse shock absorber + door seal, ultra wide berth 840 mm with industry at the same time, further improve comfort, maintenance-free bearing FAG hub 500000 kilometers, operation more reliable and efficient.


There are two types of power: weichai WP10 / WP12 and xi 'an cummins ISM11 engine. The newly added xi 'an cummins engine is a bright spot of the model, and the weichai and cummins engine emissions are all the five standard.It is also equipped with electric air conditioning and tianxingjian edition.