【SHACMAN 50th Anniversary】Youth Blossoms In Mai Li Xi Part One

 If I were a flower

I will bloom in the late of night 

please put out the candles and lamps

don't wait for me

 because I will persevere in the Mai Li Xi ......

Youthful Days for the employees of Shanqi

Our story .....

Long-distance running to meet the arrival of spring in 1983.

The second league football matches, August 21, 1983.

After school students, September1, 1983

Flower show , November 10, 1983

Long-distance running to meet the arrival of spring , January16, 1984

Swiming in summer, October 1984

The first athletic competition of Shanqi, November 19, 1984

Youth chess competition of Shaanxi province was held in Shanqi,  October 17, 1987

Young masters broadcast, December 1987

Calligrapher and Painter Association of Shanqi  was founded, April 9, 1988

Group-wedding held by Youth League Committee and Trade Union, May1, 1988

Tug of war for female employees, March 5, 1989

Spring sports competition of  technical school, May 19, 1989

The seventh athletic meeting of kindergarten, May 30, 1989

Young Pioneers of subordinate school at Shanqi, May 31, 1989

The second photo exhibition review of foundryman, July 13, 1989

Gateball for seniors, September 17, 1989

Teaching and administrative staff performances, October 31, 1989

Fashion show in 20th anniversary, November 19, 1989

Artistic performance, November 19, 1989

Poetry recital contest of Youth League committee, November 29, 1989

Aerobics competition, March 8, 1990

Artistic performance of kindergarten, June 1, 1990 

To be continued