SHACMAN Has Been Restuck To Nigeria's HAULMACE Logistics Business Conference

On October 11, Nigeria's HAULMACE logistics business conference was held in Lagos city hall, attracting many large local logistics companies to participate in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, shaanxi steam carefully arranged the booth, attracting the local construction companies, engineering companies, logistics companies and industry media to visit and consult.

Especially through the in-depth research of Nigeria market, mining the customer demand, the development of F2000 tractor, can be used in the logistics transportation, urban construction waste residue and sand stone transportation, including overloaded version of the dump truck to transport ore, sandstone, coal, steel, etc.

During the exhibition, the sales staff of shaanxi automobile introduced the advantages of economy, comfort, reliability and other advantages to the customers, and got strong recognition from customers.

A customer from abuja in details about the SHACMAN F2000 after said happily: "I do transportation trade is in abuja, happened to see this in Lagos for activity SHACMAN heavy card, its high reliability, fuel economy and price advantage is the most to my heart, I am ready to purchase 10 SHACMAN F2000 to supplement my fleet."

This exhibition has promoted the influence of SHACMAN brand in Nigeria.

Shaanxi auto will take this opportunity to move quickly in the fields of logistics transportation and engineering infrastructure in Nigeria, making SHACMAN the outstanding leader in logistics transportation and engineering infrastructure in Nigeria!