SHACMAN Heavy Truck Helps Speed Up The Construction Of The Three Gorges Project In Guinea.

   In China, the three gorges dam project is a household name that has shocked the world. SHACMAN heavy truck is a participant and witness in the steady construction of the "three gorges project in guinea" on the western tip of the African continent.


   Guinea is located in the west bank of west Africa. Although it has the laudatory name of "west Africa water tower", its water resources are not well utilized. In addition, slow economic development and backward infrastructure construction make the whole country seriously short of electricity. In recent years, with the implementation of China's "One Belt And One Road" policy, many Chinese companies have brought advanced technology and equipment to help the poor and backward country develop its economy. Among them are "China water three bureau", a professional company in water conservancy construction, and "shaanxi automobile heavy truck", a star enterprise in the truck industry.


  The "three gorges project in guinea" is a suapati hydropower station project on the conculei river in guinea. The other kailuta hydropower station, located downstream from the suapati project, has been built and its full view is printed on the New Guinea 20,000 jiro (guinea's largest banknote) bill. The suapati project will be more than twice the size and capacity of the kelleta, the veritable "three gorges project of guinea".


  Since the start of the suapati hydropower station project in 2016, the project has been progressing smoothly, with each construction period completed ahead of schedule. According to introduction, the project amount that originally planned 8 years, according to current rate, more than 4 years can finish. Of course, the realization of this "Chinese speed" benefits from the hard work of the site management team and construction team of sinohydro bureau iii, as well as the good performance of various engineering equipment, among which "SHACMAN heavy card" is the best one.

  In August this year, I came to the site of suapati hydropower station to learn about the operation of vehicles. On the night when I arrived at the project site, I couldn't wait to communicate with the technical director of the equipment on the site. According to the introduction, more than 50 SHACMAN heavy trucks have been involved in all aspects of the project since the construction of suapati hydropower station for three years.


  When I asked about performance of vehicles, the technical director is very proud of tell me: "I'm in charge of operating the vehicle performance is very good, more than 50 vehicles SHACMAN basic attendance, heavy card JiaoZhuLiang this project need about 350 liters of concrete, the original plan to buy a batch of vehicles, but at the moment the car condition is good, it is because the SHACMAN vehicles of high reliability and high attendance, we don't need a car once again, it left a large sum of money for the project".

  When I heard that the customer was satisfied with our products, I asked about the content and distance of current vehicle operations. Technical director is introduced: "2016 years of the batch of car will be a big strength, because the road is not repaired, industrial and mining, plus local black driver's improper operation, some problems in the vehicle, but it is because you sent by several services manager at the time, many problems were resolved in the first time, and gave the driver teacher training, in terms of service I have to give your service master some praise!"


   The technical director approved of our service, and he continued: "at present, some of these cars are transporting stones in the sand factory, and some are transporting concrete. At present, there are basically one car with two drivers, one on the day shift and the other on the night shift. The vehicles are not idle for 24 hours.

  The next day, we went to the parking lot on the project again. The parking lot is located in the lower part of the dam. The dam of weiwu is under hot construction. The road leading from the parking lot to the direction of the dam is wrapped around the mountain.


  I was curious when I saw the cover on the top of a dump truck. The service master at the site told me that guinea often gets heavy rain and the rain lasts for a long time. In order to work in the rain, they put a tarpaulin on each car that can be pulled back and forth, so that no matter the concrete or earth will be disturbed by the rain even when it rains.

Shortly after work in the afternoon, the driver began to drive into the parking lot for shift. I was surprised to see a SHACMAN olong truck coming in because according to our records, no SHACMAN olong products were purchased on the project.


After the driver stopped the car, I pointed to the "SHACMAN" logo on the dress for the driver to see. After a few simple words of communication, the driver knew my intention. When I saw that the car was manufactured by shaanxi automobile in January 2009, I quickly asked the driver about the operation of the car. "Tres bien!" The young black man gave a thumbs up and said. It happened to meet another driver who was on duty. According to the usual practice, the two of them had to check the car before taking over. The car started, and the engine was strong and powerful.

The master of service told me that there were three SHACMAN olong trucks that had been used like this for nearly 10 years. These vehicles were used in the Algeria project in north Africa in 2009. Now the project is over. These vehicles are in good condition and have been evaluated and sent to the service in guinea. Nearly 10 years, two countries, multiple projects of long service, SHACMAN heavy card with practical action proved that our product quality is excellent.


Over the next few days, we went to the quarries, the stone works, the dam site, and saw the SHACMAN heavy trucks contributing to the rapid construction of the three gorges dam in guinea.


Before leaving the site, the technical director told me that the project would be completed by 2020 and that guinea's electricity shortage would be greatly improved. Although this project does not need to buy any more vehicles at present, in view of the superior performance of SHACMAN heavy truck and high-quality and efficient after-sales service, they will definitely choose SHACMAN heavy truck in future projects.