SHACMAN Is My Favorite

May 18-20, 2017, the third Malaysia commercial vehicle exhibition is held in Kuala Lumpur.The exhibition, a three-day attracted from China, the United States, Japan, India, Europe and other countries and regions of many heavy card brand to come to the exhibition, shan steam to dealers were invited to the exhibition.


Conference, shan steam Malaysia towaikeung, director of the office to the forum guests shan steam was introduced in detail the development process of and SHACMAN brand overseas market situation, and the X3000 and M3000 products carried on the detailed explanation, recommend different configurations to the customers.This exhibition of SHACMAN X3000 product is shan steam high-end logistics tailor-made specifically for Malaysia, using high-horsepower engines + direct shift transmission, small ratio of rear axle power matching, low wind resistance coefficient to 0.53, with excellent vehicle ergonomics, everywhere reveal SHACMAN brand "originality", fully meet the needs of local customers, can be well fit for long-distance logistics transportation.


round the car on link, the sales staff from the product of intelligence, safety, comfort, fuel, and reliable five aspects to do a detailed analysis for the customer, fashion color, silent space 53.4 decibels, 650 l oversize suitcases volume, central door lock, electric heating rearview mirror and other high-end configuration, is to let customers applauded.

Try-out driving link, the customers were present on experience, feeling SHACMAN products high-end configuration, a scene of logistics company, this experience feeling the shan steam treat customer needs earnest rigorous attitude, a lot of demand on the product of SHACMAN reflected, SHACMAN can fully adapt to and meet customer requirements under various working conditions, SHACMAN very awesome!At the scene of an old customer said he is engaged in logistics transportation, from the beginning of SHACMAN F3000 X3000 till now, powerful engine, low oil consumption, perfect after-sales service and so on all is his favorite, now X3000 and new upgrade to the automatic transmission, and hydraulic retarder vehicle handling and safety all had the very big promotion.


The exhibition held up SHACMAN brand influence in Malaysia, its excellent dynamic performance, excellent oil-saving performance and comprehensive spare parts service, won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.Along with China and Malaysia in the "area" initiative cooperation continuously strengthen, shan steam will by more advanced technology and high quality products help Malaysia high-end logistics, engineering, construction and other industries better and faster development.