SHACMAN M3000 Is In The Tanzania Project Contract Fair

May 4-5, the 2017 tanzanian project contracting exposition is held at the exhibition center of dotma international conference in the capital of Tanzania.The exhibition for two days, from China, the United States, Japan, India, Europe and other countries and regions of many mechanical equipment suppliers and building materials fair, shan steam distributor AVIC hand in hand - SHANTUITANZANIA LTD were invited to the exhibition.


In order to better show SHACMAN products, steam shan tanzania-zambia offices and distributors elaborate booths, attracted the local construction companies, engineering companies, logistics companies, industry media to visit consultation, etc.In recent years, shaanxi auto has been researching the market in Tanzania, and fully introduced SHACMAN M3000 for local laws and regulations and customer needs.The M3000 tractors can be suitable for the distribution of goods such as standard and complex type, and mainly transport grain, fruit, wood, home appliance and other department stores.The F2000 car can be used for the construction of the residue of the city and the transport of sand and stone, which can be loaded with heavy loading and unloading of ore, gravel, coal, steel etc.Shan steam through the systematic introduction and SHACMAN M3000 prototype display, customer try-out driving way, make its economy, comfort, reliability, highlights the advantages of customer recognition.


By the local government attaches great importance to the fair, vice President of Tanzania, the country's industry minister and other government officials to attend the exhibition and delivered a speech, patrol and visited the key exhibitors booth.Vice President, together with many government officials to visit SHACMAN to visit our booth, and have a warm talk with field personnel SHACMAN product, after fully understand SHACMAN products and technology advantage, gave high evaluation for SHACMAN products, and received extensive attention of the local media.


The exhibition held up SHACMAN product recognition in Tanzania, excellent dynamic performance, excellent oil-saving performance and comprehensive accessories service, won the praise of customers.Shan steam will avail ourselves of this opportunity, in Tanzania, engineering construction, construction of Chinese logistics, and other fields to act quickly, a firm goal, carry forward the dare to rob who dares spirit of sex Wolf, let SHACMAN heavy card become a pioneer in Tanzania logistics transport, engineering construction of outstanding person!