SHACMAN Malaysia Penang Promotion Successfully Held!

   Penang, one of Malaysia's top ten tourist destinations, is known as the "Oriental garden". Capital George is northeast of penang island, the second largest city in Malaysia. Penang city industry and agriculture developed, is tin, rice, coconut oil, soap, rattan bamboo, electronic instruments and other products major producing areas. Penang port is a famous deep-water port in Malaysia. Penang port accounts for 25% of the total throughput of all ports in the country. It connects Malaysia with 200 ports in the world and is one of the busiest ports in Malaysia.


   Penang city has always been a key market for SHACMAN in Malaysia. Penang, a city in the tropics, was unusually hot this August, but the Malaysian office of shaanxi automobile held an unusual presentation at the popular TBF hotel, seizing the golden moment of summer.

Activities, Malaysia office staff for the customer in the "720 ° full experience" around the car, at the same time on the customer put forward all kinds of good answers, make customer heart of interest at the same time, dispel the car trouble back at home. The X3000 is handsome and domineering in appearance, and its matching AMT gearbox is unique and praised by customers. Customers are eager to experience the unique charm of X3000 and M3000.


   Through try-out driving and communicate with staff, the user for M3000, X3000 products have a more intuitive understanding, users have said, the interpretation of the combined with the practical experience of marketing model has a good value, enabling them to first understand the configuration and the advantage of new products, at the same time also can feel the shan steam heavy card attaches great importance to the degree of user experience, and hope to hold more similar activities, let more people to experience SHACMAN both hype surrounding products.


   The successful launch of this promotion event enables customers to have a deeper understanding of the product advantages of SHACMAN heavy card, further elevates SHACMAN's brand influence in penang city, and is also an important step for SHACMAN to develop burdensome in Malaysia. It is believed that through the joint efforts of shaanxi automobile and local dealers, SHACMAN will create more value for Malaysian users, and SHACMAN's development path in Malaysia will be brighter!