SHACMAN Of Shaanxi Automobile Won The Title Of Outstanding Supplier In 2017of China Road And Bridge -- Cherishing The Honor And Making Further Efforts

On May 22, shan steam was invited to the China road and bridge 2018 annual conference equipment goods and materials suppliers, with outstanding product quality and professional after-sales service, has been rated "excellent supplier" in 2017, and is also the only won the title in heavy truck supplier commercial vehicle enterprises in China.

China road and bridge (CRBC) is the earliest to enter the international project contracting market is one of the four large state-owned enterprises, are the important participants in the "area" initiative to be implemented with the contract to build a large number of regional and international influence of landmark buildings, "CRBC" as an international project contracting industry well-known brands, is famous in the world. Hundreds of major projects for people's livelihood have been completed in nearly 60 countries around the world, and people of all countries speak highly of them.


Shan steam establishment has been 50 years of history, is one of the leading commercial vehicle industry in China, is the only five consecutive heavy military vehicles manufacturing enterprises participating in the Chinese military parade, is China's heavy automobile export enterprises, the main vehicle exports is the industry leader all the year round. Along with the continuously go deep into "area" initiative, shan steam to actively participate in the "area", known as "area" construction engineering vehicles preferred brand, as the current delivery of Chinese overseas construction projects, 16000 vehicles. At the same time, steam and shaanxi has the most mature industry in Chinese project service - after-sales services to make machine, accessories and cast by personnel stagnation point tracking service, repair aging response commitment, service outsourcing, etc.


                      Reconstruction of Pakistan's karakoram highway


                                  The Kenyon railway project

Bridge of cooperation with China in recent years, shan steam unceasingly thorough, in succession to China road &bridge construction of Pakistan within the karakoram highway rebuilding project, Kenny amon important engineering projects, such as railway, horse in railway provides a vehicle service integrated solutions. Steam in the process of vehicle use, shan SHACMAN with excellent product performance, strong bearing capacity, high through sex, strong power, and more professional service, obtained the customer more professional supply of parts.


China road and bridge (CRBC) is a famous brand in the international engineering contracting circle and a top international engineering contracting enterprise. Shan steam the bridge in China supplier conference was rated as the heavy truck supplier, the only "excellent supplier" in 2017, and is both a recognition of SHACMAN heavy card quality, is the recognition of national brand of the equipment manufacturing industry, shan steam feel honored, also cherish. In the future, shaanxi automobile will strive to provide better products and more professional services, continuously consolidate and deepen bilateral cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.