SHACMAN Pakistan Tour Is Coming

June 27-28, the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan has just ended, in order to seize the market opportunity, steam shan Pakistan office joint local dealer, Tarnol engineering machinery market successfully held in the capital, Islamabad SHACMAN road tour and parking display activities.


Tarnol is Islamabad, Pakistan's largest construction machinery trading center, and even the whole a Peshawar highway across the entire market, exhibition hall contains basic all of Pakistan on either side of the road construction machinery brand, it has a very high attention at home.


The roadshow activities for two days, the 27th morning, the exhibition hall staff more than 40 degrees heat weather to complete the layout and check of the vehicles, in the intermittent drum roll and cheers, neat rows of SHACMAN below from steam shan Tarnol 3 s hall, from 20 kilometers along the highway Peshawar around Tarnol market. SHACMAN formidable appearance, tall and slightly along the old Japanese truck form bright contrast, in several personnel intensive market entrance, car slow down, striking, many local people to visit. "SHACMAN F2000 Dumper truck,China number one... Many passing truck drivers can't help but give a thumbs-up and envy their words, according to Urdu.


This tour included 5 F2000 series products, 3 6*4 duke huang dump trucks and 2 6*4 white tractors. Method of whole vehicle carrying weichai WP10.340 E32 engine, and 10 jsd140 gearbox, front axle and rear axle 16 T handler, 7.5 T, leaf spring, before and after the four u-bolt, powerful, carrying capacity is strong, through the good, convenient maintenance, greatly guarantee under the condition of the stability of vehicle performance, at the same time, large dump truck load with thickening of 20 party mine, substantial and durable, perfect match with the local customer needs.


To the future, SHACMAN Pakistan offices will also be the successful hosting of the activities as an opportunity to caress, more the propaganda in Pakistan, let more and more SHACMAN heavy card in the country's land.