SHACMAN, The Western Saudi Arabia, Wins The Heavy Card Market

On May 28, SHACMAN heavy card seminar was held in the Saudi city of jeddah industrial zone, the meeting invited the local terminal users, local infrastructure construction company, Saudi attended the local strategic partners.

The seminar is shan steam Saudi office jointly biggest distributor jointly held A company in western Saudi Arabia, shan steam cooperation with A company originated in 2010, is A company engaged in heavy card sales business, also built area of the largest and most advanced facilities in Saudi Arabia, service the most perfect the heavy card parts library and equipment repair factory.


In recent years, the company has conducted in-depth research in Saudi Arabia, mining customers' needs and developing SHACMANX3000 &m3000, which meets local customers' needs.Conference, shan steam Saudi khalid, director of the office to attend the customer detailed introduces the development of shanxi steam and SHACMAN brand of international market conditions, and the X3000 and M3000 product superiority has carried on the detailed explanation, recommend suitable for power matching and configuration for the customer.


Try-out driving link, the customers were present on experience, feeling SHACMAN products high-end configuration, a logistics company responsible person at the scene, this experience feeling the shan steam treat customer needs earnest rigorous attitude, a lot of demand on the product of SHACMAN have been reflected, SHACMAN very awesome!The SHACMAN product is fully adaptable to the harsh conditions of Saudi Arabia and meets the needs of the customers.Then present the guests also visited the shan steam Saudi distributor in A company's parts library, service personnel for SHACMAN product accessories service system has carried on the 


Over the years, Saudi office all staff always adhere to shan steam "Success with quality" concept, continuously improve product quality, service to promote sales, let SHACMAN products become the pioneers of Saudi logistics, engineering construction, create greater value for customers!