Shanpush Export Corporation And Shaanxi Automobile Import And Export Corporation Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement To Jointly Expand The International Market

  Morning of May 28, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., general manager zhang minzu (AnLuLin, deputy general manager, hill pushed engineering Machinery import and export Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of shanxi steam Chang Yang line 9 people to negotiate strategic cooperation. Shaanxi heavy-duty truck co., LTD., vice general manager of Zhou Yinchao, shaanxi heavy duty automobile import and export co., LTD., general manager of Tian Chao hai-gang zhang, deputy general manager and other people in the reception, in after visiting the steam shan assembly workshop, the two sides held a grand signing ceremony.1.jpg

2.jpg  First of all, zhou yinchao welcomed the arrival of zhang and his delegation, and introduced in detail the development course of the three ventures of shaanxi automobile. He said after 50 years of development, shan steam in heavy vehicles and engineering vehicles always maintain industry leading position at the same time, focus on building meet the demand of various segments of the full range of commercial vehicle products continues to break through in the field of intelligent, new energy and so on, has realized the leap pursue transcendence, has obtained the domestic sales in the third, overseas sales volume ranks the second good result. He also said that the cooperation between shaanxi automobile group and shantui has a long history and the two sides have highly complementary businesses. There is broad space for cooperation in various fields such as chinese-funded bidding, vehicle procurement and information sharing of overseas resources and information.3.jpg

Zhang minzu (hill pushed the development of was introduced in detail, hill pushed has grown into the largest bulldozers manufacturing enterprises, for many years production volume at the top of the first industry, including overseas export sales rise year by year, brand, products are exported to more than 120 countries. He hopes to make good use of the advantages of enterprises in the group, further deepen cooperation and jointly develop and expand the international market.4.jpg4.jpg

Subsequently, the two sides led industry also is the future development prospects, strategic cooperation between target and implementation plan topic carried on the thorough exchange, such as the shan steam import and export company promote the export of the company hai-gang zhang, deputy general manager and deputy general manager Chang Yang represents enterprise signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the parties, zhang minzu (, Zhou Yinchao, AnLuLin, Tian Chao, Sun Jiali witness this important moment.5.jpg6.jpg

Is the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides cooperate, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation of major initiatives, marks the strategic synergy has taken an important step in the international market, will greatly enhance the competitiveness in the international market. It is believed that through this cooperation, the two sides will jointly give play to their respective brands, comprehensively enhance market competitiveness and accelerate the development of national equipment manufacturing.