Srikanth Padmanabhan, President Of Cummins Engine Division, Arrived In Cummins, Xi 'an

On the day, Mr. Cummins vice President, Srikanth Padmanabhan, President of the engine's global business division, visited cummins, xi 'an.


Srikanth Padmanabhan, who joined cummins in 1991.In his 26-year career, he has led numerous projects to help cummins drive and develop innovative, efficient and green products, making historic breakthroughs.

As one of cummins's important partners in China, shaanxi auto group is the first stop of Mr. Pan's visit to xi 'an.In the afternoon, Mr Pan Shukang joint venture operations in China cummins engine division general manager Mr Wang ning, first visited shaanxi automobile body factory and car general assembly plant.And then holding party secretary, chairman of the board of directors hong-ming yuan shan steam, steam shan Wang Yanhong holding, deputy party secretary, general manager and other leaders around xi 'an cummins engine co., LTD., how to realize mutual benefit and steam shan deep development are discussed in this paper and communication.


The following afternoon, cummins' s scholarship for doctor Lin was held in xian cummins engine co., LTD.Mr. Pan and Mr. Yang xiaodong, general manager of xi 'an cummins, presented the award to the students who won Lin's scholarship.He said at the awards ceremony: "cummins has been firmly believe that only the employees live and work in the community as well as the operation of community development, the company to strong".As a result, cummins' success in the business has also led to an active role in corporate responsibility, focusing on the environment, education, and other opportunities.The Lin scholarship program also promoted the interaction and 


Then, Mr Pan Shukang also visited xian cummins production line, the affirmation of the work of xian cummins in lean manufacturing's achievements, and hope xian cummins can keep improving, continue to improve product manufacturing quality, for China and the world customers with more reliable power products.


Finally, Mr. Pan spoke to some of the staff.During that time, he Shared his career with humor, and made Suggestions for his employees' career plans.


2017 is the 10th anniversary of the founding of the city of cummins.It is not only a number, but also a "milestone" in the development of the cooperation between cummins and shaanxi auto.Cummins and shan steam will continue to deepen the partnership, the two sides will spare no effort to promote the quality of resources integration, better engine products, customers create more value to the industry.