Thank You For Your Hard Work -- The Tajik Office Successfully Launched SHACMAN's 50th Anniversary Care Month

On a hot July day, a 40-degree heat wave scorched the mountainous country of central Asia. However, no matter how high the temperature is, the enthusiasm of the front-line workers cannot be stopped. It is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the shaanxi automobile factory. The joint dealer of the shaanxi automobile tajik office has launched a two-city joint "SHACMAN 50th anniversary service care month activity", bringing a cool and refreshing feeling to the hot summer.


This activity mainly in "to the service with sales, to benefit customers, realize win-win" as the slogan, the main work content is for end users, the users on free a/daily maintenance methods, proper operation and simple fault diagnosis and processing methods, can effectively enhance the customer vehicle daily maintenance knowledge and fault emergency handling capacity, etc. During the service month, more than 30 end users have been served, involving more than 100 vehicles insured.


Service month activity caused a strong reaction in the user community, the masses of customers to shan steam quality services have some praise, but also to a certain extent, reduce the user's actual overhead costs, through the service personnel to the user's personal demonstration operation, the user of vehicle correct operation and maintenance have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of content.


The development of this activity, pull close the distance between enterprises and users, mastered the use of customer demand, real real practice of the "two", is the so-called "with services to create competitive advantage, with comprehensive service solutions to win the market", the service month makes SHACMAN won wide reputation in the local market, further enhanced in the market competitiveness of tajikistan, future SHACMAN in tajikistan will be unstoppable.