The Delegation Of The National Ambassador To China Along The One Belt And One Road Has Visited The Company

On June 3 in the afternoon, Sri Lanka, Greece, Albania, Syria, "area" all the way along the countries such as tajikistan ambassador delegation visit to the company.Wang Yanhong holding, deputy party secretary, general manager of steam shan, shan Zhou Yinchao sinotruk, deputy general manager and other leaders to come to China with the delegation and ambassador Arab exchange association members in the center of the management board meeting room for further communication.


Wang introduces the basic situation of shanxi steam and the situation of overseas layout., he said, in shaanxi province is located in the important position of the silk road economic belt, the steam for shan overseas market development has brought enormous opportunities for development, shanxi steam on the one hand, annual output of 50000 units in xinjiang built car plant, on the one hand, positive "neighbourhood" all the way along the market layout, in the old and the new silk road, shan steam products continuously into central Asia, southeast Asia and Africa and other countries.He introduces, shan steam products have been exported to Europe, Africa, Asia, central and South America and the Middle East and so on more than 90 countries and regions, and eight countries around the world realize the localization production, exports is the industry leader for many years, accumulated about 110000 heavy card delivery of foreign clients.Among them, there are more than 40,000 vehicles in the Algerian market on the Mediterranean Sea, accounting for more than 70 percent of the total sales of China's heavy card products.Wang Yanhong expectations, shan steam heavy card can become China and "neighbourhood" all the way along the national friendly exchanges, and win-win development of the bridge and the link, make contributions to national economic construction.

Ambassadors in fully understand the shan after steam development and industry scale, in succession to the development of the steam shan future expectations, hopes to arrange personnel to the steam shan country investigation, on the product and localize the production, they will be to "discuss, share, build" for the principle, actively promote the work, achieve mutual benefit and development.


In front of the panel, Wang Yanhong, Zhou Yinchao and related department heads to accompany ambassadors the delegation toured the shan steam heavy card total assembly line, ambassadors in turn on the new offline X3000 products, car experience shan steam heavy card ride comfort, and the exquisite luxury of interior.