Is The Relationship Between Horsepower, Torque And Displacement Clear?

Many car owners are always blindly looking for a maintenance worker to brush the power, assuming that the bigger the engine performance, not so!Carpals may not be aware of these relationships, so they don't know how to explain to the owners how much horsepower, torque, and displacement are involved.To understand their relationship, first understand them......

What is the relationship between horsepower, torque and displacement?


The horsepower of the engine is the output power of the engine, which is the output power.The output power is the most important parameter to measure the performance of the engine.We often say, "this car is really exciting" because of the power of the engine.Requires a larger output power (i.e., horsepower).


Engine torque refers to the moment when the engine outputs from the crankshaft.The unit of torque is Nm.Under the condition of fixed power, it inversely relates to the engine speed. The faster the torque, the smaller the torque, and the larger it is, which reflects the load capacity of the vehicle in a certain range.


Engine displacement is the total volume of engine cylinder work volume, single cylinder displacement Vh and cylinder number I product.The cylinder work volume refers to the volume of gas swept by the piston from the top to the bottom of the piston, also known as the single cylinder displacement, depending on the cylinder diameter and the piston stroke.

The connection between horsepower and torque

Horsepower and torque is equivalent to runner and weightlifting athletes, both said the two features of the vehicle, horsepower size is mainly said work efficiency, torque is said trucks instantaneous power.

Power (kW) = torque (N, m) * N speed (RPM), as if we use a wrench screw, if we are to wrench the greater the force, so the greater the torque of screw is also, instead of torsion.

Small displacement does not necessarily save oil

Many people have a misunderstanding, is that "small displacement car should be more fuel-efficient", in fact, the right is the best, if choose not reasonable low-emission vehicles, overload work efficiency not only slowly, and intensify wear between components.At the same time, in order to gain more horsepower and torque, the speed of the oil will rise and the fuel consumption will be low.