The SHACMAN X3000 Gold Version Of The Tractor Is Strong In Oman Market

There is an old and prosperous country next to the strait of hormuz, a bright pearl in the Arab world, full of mystery, like the story of the Arabian nights.

The oil and mineral resources are abundant, the coastline is long, the ports are numerous, the Indian Ocean is in the east, the Persian gulf is in the north, and it has been a strategic point since ancient times.


Customer's Shanghai H company, a large logistics company, focusing on the big transportation sector, business in Ethiopia, djibouti, Senegal and Pakistan and other regions, Oman in sohar port project is the first station of the customer into the Middle East market, is also a large logistics enterprises in China to enter the market first.

Every industry standard of GCC countries market with world-class standards, big logistics transportation, even more so, customer's competitors are facing the European and American professional large logistics companies, to this end, the customer first is tend to choose the European and American card.

In the face of this situation, the SHACMAN team actively showed customers the high end, high efficiency and comfort of X3000 products and the concept of the considerate service.

Finally, with the concerted efforts of the team, we won the first batch of customer orders.


The company's procurement vehicle is the SHACMAN X3000 550 HP 6x4 tractor, which is also the first time this product line is exported overseas.This batch of tractor carrying weichai 13 l 550 - horsepower engine, strong power, enough power, transport ability is stronger, matching method, 16 shift transmission, differential smaller and velocity continuity is longer, effectively avoid the happening of the transmission impact cutting phenomenon.In addition, the combination of the hande 7.5TMAN front axle +16T MAN two-stage bridge has stronger bearing capacity and higher transmission efficiency.

Aiming at the particularity of large logistics, SHACMAN cling to the customer demand, vehicle used military towing hook + enhanced eight tail beam design, matching JOST reinforced saddle, drag stretch ability to greatly enhance the vehicle.The 700L large capacity tank can meet customers' long-distance transportation needs and improve transportation efficiency.In addition, in order to cope with the heat of the climate in Oman, the vehicle matches the automatic air conditioning of 5300W, which ensures a cool and pleasant cab.Meanwhile, it is equipped with the grameric air bag seat and the car half to surround the dashboard, double berth, and other facilities to improve the driving comfort.


The batch of X3000 tractor has port in Oman in sohar run for many days, the goods trailer for large equipment of power plant, tonnage range from 106 tons to 106 tons, in the face of such a giant, X3000 tractor, calmly.

During the operation, it was a beautiful scene in the port of suhar, surrounded by people from around the world inquiring about the steel foals from China.

SHACMAN innovates the situation and creates value for the clients.

At the same time, under the big strategy of "One Belt And One Road", shaanxi steam heavy card has always been the front man, charging ahead, writing the new chapter with its own actual action.