Young Latin American Officials From The Ministry Of Commerce Came To Shaanxi Automobile Co., LTD


On July 6, young Latin American officials from the ministry of commerce visited shaanxi automobile co., LTD. Zhou yinchao, deputy general manager of shaanxi heavy automobile co., LTD., and tian chao, general manager of shaanxi automobile import and export co., LTD., warmly received the visiting group.

This activity by the ministry of commerce international business official foreign aid training research institute research office, deputy director of the weiskope rb, changan zhang wei, vice President of the college of international education, from the region more than 90 young officials took part in the activity together.


The visiting party visited shaanxi automobile exhibition hall and general assembly plant. During the visit, young officials from all over the world frequently praised the development of shaanxi automobile co., ltd. in the past 50 years and marveled at the rapid development of the company. A young man from Peru officials praise way: "the development of the steam shan is a microcosm of China's development, we see the shan steam is step by step, how to grow up to be as it is today the internationalization of enterprises, feeling the shan steam velocity, more see the inner dynamics of the development of the Chinese".


Welcome ceremony, Zhou Yinchao for visiting leaders and guests a warm welcome, and hope that through this activity, can let each other fully exchanges, enhance understanding, strengthen cooperation and boost economic development of Latin America. Zheng fang, deputy director of the foreign aid training teaching and research department of the institute of research and study of international business officials of the ministry of commerce, and zhang wei, deputy dean of the international education college of chang 'an university, made welcoming speeches respectively.

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