Zambia Sales Team Undergoes Elite Training Program

In order to enhance our  understanding of the M3000 products in the Zambia channel and improve the business ability of frontline sales staff, SHACMAN’s Tanzania Zambia office launched a 2 day elite training program for the sales staff.


Zambia is Africa's traditional long-distance logistics and daily industrial goods transport market, with the most intuitive needs of the customers being reliability, economy and comfort. this end, SHACMAN tailored to a set of lightweight, fuel efficient, comfort and high quality M3000 long distance logistics tractor specifically for the Zambia market. Its advantages in terms of lightweight and fuel economy has been applauded numerous times by its end users. Narrow body cab, lightweight spring plate, aluminum gearbox, optimized intake system, four point suspended cab, weight adaptive air cushioned seat and other features are all advantages talked about when the customers are praising the M3000.

The training program provide a platform for mutual learning for SHACMAN’s channel elite which included discussions, experience sharing and frequent interactions. The office of Tanzania Zambia also took the advantages of the 360 degrees product tour, allowing the sales staff to  conducted on-site simulation training. In addition, the training program  also went over problems encountered in the channels and what’s the best way to eliminate them in order to better to promote SHACMAN products and services its users.