Refrigerated Semi Trailer
Refrigerated Semi Trailer
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40ft Reefer Semi-trailer

All refrigerated semi trailer products are with high insulation properties, refrigeration capacity and easy to use. The key coefficient of technical indicators has exceeded the domestic and foreign similar products. The modularization design is easy maintenance, transportation, etc. PU site foamed wall(Sandwich method) fully enclosed,that can maximum save more energy with low carbon emission and make refrigeration machine long life than others. All products floor were adopted surface knurled configuration DUCT floor with ventilation slots or T-floor same with marine container. The enhanced scuff plate, distinguished patented technology marine container make the strong base of trailer and truck body (passing 7.5 tons forklift test). The professed device such as buck head, high vent duct floor/ T floor and cool air duct ensure maximum cooling capacity of cold machine performance and the internal temperature equilibrium. All closed refrigeration and thermal insulation box can meet the broad range of -25 ℃ ~ +38 ℃ temperature transport,The heat leakage rate and air leakage fully reaches the national A-level standards.

Refrigerated semi trailer products including cover 20ft,40ft,53ft etc.According to the different needs of customers, to make satisfactory products.


External (length x width x height):

External (length x width x height):

Coupler Height (unload):

King Pin Setting (kingpin to front end):

Wheel Distance (king pin to first axle):

Axle space:

Rear Floor Height:

Landing Gear location (from the king pin):







1,468mm (depends on fifth wheel height)



Tare Weight (tolerance ±4%):

Maximum Axle Payload (distributed payload):

Maximum King Pin Payload (distributed payload):

Maximum Gross Weight:






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