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The excellence of world-class heavy engine model ISM11 is a flagship cummins power, mainly used in heavy vehicles and equipment, power to cover 308-440 horsepower, meet the euro II/II and III/European countries Europe III, IV/euro IV, V/V emission standard, can be widely used in trucks, special vehicles, buses and all kinds of engineering machinery field, is pulling the head, chassis, cement mixer truck, oil tank truck, crane and other equipment and ideal power generating set, the ISM ownership of more than 500000 units worldwide, overhaul mileage an average of more than 1 million kilometers, the total mileage of more than 450 billion km, after inspection of the market, its advanced performance, reliability, durability, economy and environment safety generally well received by customers at home and abroad. Is universal, Ken WoChi, Peter bult world famous heavy card is one of the main models of form a complete set of, in the Chinese market for steam shan, Mr Fukuda, valin, jinlong, yutong, nk, jianghuai, zhongtong and xugong and other well-known Chinese trucks, buses and engineering machinery.

Cummins ISM engine series of five key subsystem integration cummins engine, the intake processing system (turbo, etc.), combustion optimization system, electric control system, fuel system, filtration and aftertreatment system; Stable and reliable, economic savings; The heavy duty diesel engine the most widely used around the world, the most mature of engine braking system - ISM engine braking system, can provide up to 326 HP braking power, help you zoomed, safe; Intelligent truck management system by using 24-hour satellite monitoring signals, with the aid of cummins powerful information management platform and advanced engine electronic control technology, comprehensive monitoring team operating conditions, greatly increased the team's management level and the transport enterprise comprehensive benefits.

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