HYVA Lifting System
HYVA Lifting System
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HYVA dump truck front roof lifting oil cylinder is the actuators of the dump truck hydraulic lifting system, used for jack-up dump car body or tanks, mainly applied to all kinds of application before lifting equipments, such as 8 * 4 dump truck, half blows, can be widely used in mineral products, steel, port conditions, the use of relatively poor places can meet the requirement from 13 tons to 90 tons of lifting.

HYVA dump truck front roof lifting oil cylinder adopt patent design has reduced the number of oil cylinder internal components; Using proprietary knowledge processing technology, improve the processing and matching precision of the cylinder, a good solution to the same or similar products on the market the phenomena of "crawl", improve the stability of the whole system, extend the service life of the system. Using special imported sealing ring, to ensure the excellent sealing performance.

Use sea oil cylinder, simple operation, easy installation, can greatly improve the working efficiency of the dump truck, lowering the cost of the use of the oil cylinder and goods transportation costs, to achieve the end user profit maximum.

With at present commonly used abdominal implantation domestic lifting system, compared to before the hayward top lifting oil cylinder has the following points:

(1) the lifting capacity: the equivalent of the diameter of the cylinder, in the case of the same pressure, because the front cylinder good moment,

The lifting capacity for abdominal commonly buy twice the oil cylinder. Goods of the same weight lifting, hayward front lifting oil cylinder only ventral half cylinder force.

(2) the influence on the stability of the vehicle: because of abdominal cylinder installed at the bottom of the car, in order to decorate amplification mechanism and oil cylinder, must be raised more attached to the frame longeron longeron and car, which will significantly increase the vehicle's center of gravity height, stability and the safety of the vehicle.

(3) the system installation and maintenance convenience: before hayward roof lifting oil cylinder is installed in the front of the car, with enough space, easy installation and maintenance; But abdomen under the oil cylinder is installed in car, once the malfunction of the hydraulic system maintenance personnel must be in under the chassis, because of amplification mechanism, used in oil cylinder maintenance space is restricted, and maintenance personnel on a lot of potential safety problems.

(4) the applicability of the system: hayward front roof lifting oil cylinder are suitable for all kinds of dump truck tonnage level, especially suitable for medium-duty dump truck and half blows. For abdominal oil cylinder, due to the amplification mechanism, and has certain application defects, unable to meet the using demand of the heavy dump truck and half blows and performance requirements.

(5) the demand for cars and impact: by sea front roof lifting oil cylinder installed in front of the car, as long as strengthening can be suitably to the box body; And large abdominal implantation system installed at the bottom of the box body, oil cylinder for a major role in the power of the box body compartments body floor, must to strengthen compartments body bottom plate, so the production process of van body, welding and steel consumption, particularly high requirements, finished product load more weight, higher costs. For the total weight of the same rated dump truck, under the condition of rules and regulations, adopt hayward before the lifting of the dump truck, more goods can be shipment.


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