Mining Tires
Mining Tires
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Suitable for mining, quarry operations of various conditions such as loaders, excavators, bulldozers, scraper and heavy dump truck. High intensity body design, bearing capacity is big, the ultra wide noodles machine unique block design of old decorative pattern, excellent driver, traction performance and decorative pattern holding performance is good. 14.00-24/14.00-25,14.00R24/14.00R25,16.00R24...

In the rock, coal and tread easily be cut dirt road through performance is strong, special wear-resisting, resistance to cut the tread compound formula design.

TIANHUI is one of the leading China manufacturers of famous brand Tires, we are offering good mining tires for sale in Dubai, Kenya, Uzbekistan and Myanmar, welcome to wholesale mining tires of good capacity at competitive price from our factory.